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Welcome to the Monitas Minutus Home Page.  Like most webpages it's always under construction.
We are a polite, family friendly guild.  We value the camraderie and support we provide to each other as we play WoW.  We aren't hardcore, but we run instances, pvp, and even raid occasionally.  We'd like to grow to the point that we are able to do all of these more consistently.
We are recruiting, so if you're interested, send Levin or Qorwin an email.
Guildie Quotes
Death - The ultimate interrupt!

- Levin
The Rules

Monitas Minutus Rule Summary

  1. Never follow Levin
  2. We are a family friendly guild.  Profanity and vulgarity are not allowed in guild chat, or on guild voice servers.
  3. Respect.  Respect your guildmates and respect other players.
  4. The guild bank is there to help you level.  Use it, but be reasonable.
  5. If you need help, ask.
Guild News
Other Guild News

Guild Level 23

Qorwin, Nov 6, 12 10:54 AM.
It's been awhile since the last update and with the launch of the new expansion and people playing again we're making swift progress on guild levels. The Pandarian quest xp has really accelerated progress!

Good work everyone.

Guild Level 16 - Show me the money!

Qorwin, Sep 10, 12 10:50 AM.
Gratz all, yesterday we hit guild level 16 and opened up cash flow 10% for the guild.

Vent Server back up

Levinberendt, Jan 16, 12 1:18 AM.

Sorry the Vent Server has been down the last few days.  I've been building up to a system rebuild for the past few months, and this weekend was the point where it finally came together.  I've now got it working to the point that I've reinstalled Vent and reconfigured the server.  The Vent info in the Members Only section is accurate.


Hour of Twilight Dungeons - A easy collection of explanations

Qorwin, Dec 3, 11 9:06 PM.
This is a really good explanation set and the videos make it fairly straight forward, and the difficulty curve is low. These dungeons are actually easier than the troll dungeons that are now part of the regular heroic rotation.

Just one note that wasn't clear in these descriptions is when fighting the Echo of Jaina, make sure someone runs over the red ball that's how you trigger it so it doesn't do party wide damage everyone else stand back.

Looking For Raid: Siege of Wyrmrest Temple

Looking For Raid: Fall of Deathwing

Critter Kill Squad

Levinberendt, Nov 21, 11 3:59 AM.
We hit critter kill squad last week.  Divine was right, parking in the deeprun tram with a Creepy Crate does wonders for the critter count.  Eating Stormchops does even more.

Get your armadillo from the Guild Herald or Guild Vendor.

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